Candidate Area

What makes Login different from other professional staffing firms? Everything. It’s obvious as soon as you walk in. The office exudes integrity, right down to the last detail. The environment at Login is one which promotes professional growth and personal satisfaction.

Login is constantly looking for consummate professionals whom we would be proud to present to our clients. For Login to achieve success, we need our consultants to be successful on their assignments, which necessitates giving you work which does more than just pay the bills. It means putting you on a career track which complements your experience, goals and lifestyle.

Right now, the only thing standing between you and your next job might be as simple as access to the right opportunities. As a firm which is dedicated to the staffing industry, Login is uniquely qualified in hiring top talent for work on location at key clients.

Who Should Apply

Who should apply to Login Consulting? Programmers and analysts looking to work for a Fortune 500 firm? An applications development manager seeking employment from a mid-sized company? Or a senior executive hoping to give some direction to a young start-up? All of the above. In fact, any combination of the above, and thousands more. Login provides consultants of every background and expertise level to companies across the national spectrum: healthcare, manufacturing, finance, communications, entertainment, automotive, insurance, e-business, aerospace, mortgage banking and others.

While the demand for specific skills is always determined by employer requirements, there are a few professionals for which Login is always looking:

  • Senior Executives: candidates with experience as a CIO, CTO, CFO, VP or other senior level management position
  • Applications Development Manager: candidates with strong management skills and a background in a wide variety of platforms and industries
  • Project Manager: candidates who have led significant projects through the complete development cycle
  • Controller, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and clerks with a minimum of two years corporate experience
  • Software Designers who have at least five years work experience
  • Business System Analyst: candidates capable of gathering business specifications for IT development projects; minimum four years experience
  • Specialists: candidates who are experts in their field, be it data architecture, systems programming, data warehousing, technical support, implementation, database administration, or design; minimum five years corporate experience
  • Programmer/Analyst: candidates with mainframe, client server, and web development skills; minimum two years of corporate experience